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On 4 February will be held the championship of the RTS among the performers juvenile-1 they will compete in European and Latin American programmes , there will also be RTS championship among commands of the Adult category which will be attended by teams of regional offices of RTS, each team will present the best four pairs. All the results of rating competitions for all groups and ages is traditionally included in the Cup standings RTS. 3 Feb tournament will be held in the category PRO-AM , first tournament at personal invitation from the organizers which will take place championship RTS and the main event is the best dancing duos ,they will compete in the Championship MASKT Best of the Best in Latin. This pair which entered the top 12 dance couples in her age category in the rating MASKT on January 1, 2018
And to crown the evening, the office is championship the RTS among professional artists in programs – Latin American and European show!! The intrigue of this championship is that the floor will meet the winners and finalists of the last world Championships and Europe, and one of them wins we willknow on February 3!
On 4 February, the tournament will begin traditionally with the Russian championship of dance art among beginner dancers and dancers solo. At the last Championship held forward in 2017 ,the tournament brought together a large number of participants , so the tournament organizers ask all participants necessarily registered on the website www. on the registration page of the tournament and get acquainted with the temporary regulations of the tournament and rules. In the program of the Championship : mandatory attestation of competitions, the championship of Russia in the system of the super Cup and the championship of Russia in individual dances. For the first time in the tournament festival will be held on different performing styles such as Modern dance (Jazz, Contemporary, Modern); Street dance (hip-hop, funk, electro, voque, waacking); Art-dance; folk dance (folk dance);ballet.
And of course, recall the highly professional team of judges from Russia and abroad! The organizers of the tournament "Russian Cup-2018" Mikhalkov Igor Smirnova Natalia and Ivan Krylov invite You to participate or just come and cheer for your favorite dance duets!